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Titel Can I be your housemate? Kinga wil een gezellig huis vinden!
Mannen 0
Vrouwen 1
Kinderen 0
Leeftijd 21
Provincie Noord-Holland
Stad Amsterdam
Wensen ligging The location does not matter, I am fine with everything as long as it is a comfortable biking distance to the center (20-30 mins. max)
Wensen pand Does not matter really, I just would like to have a preferably unfurnished (furnished is also fine) room (whatever size, just enough to put a big mattress on the floor and maybe some book shelves and a wardrobe) what I can close on myself, possibly with a lot of windows (and a small balcony for my plants maybe), but the rest doesn't matter!
Wensen groep I am not the best with coming up with ideas regarding common activities, but whatever is on and scheduled I would love to join! I am not a smoker and also I do not like it in my sleeping area, anywhere else is fine as long as there is good ventilation. I am vegetarian with an occasional Vis Vrijdag. I prefer girls around me but I am super fine with boys as well. I need some uplifting and open minded people around me if it's a possibility, I love to make friends and to connect with people on a more spiritual way as well. (:
Beschrijf jezelf I have lived together with people before when I was working in Germany so I have previous experience with living groups. I have a lovely cat in my home country (Hungary) who I wish to bring along with myself if the circumstances allow it. I work as a caretaker/care Au Pair (I live where I work) at the moment. My contract will end in the end of September and by that time I would like to get myself established as a freelancer to be able to continue giving care to the one in need and to find a stable room in Amsterdam whatever it takes! I am more of an introvert, I enjoy my time alone this is why I wish to be surrounded by people who are more outgoing, creative, more of alternative, talkative and caring. I like music also highly enthusiastic about it, books especially medical crime thrillers, anything what contains blood and hospital, every and all types of teas from all over the world in every shape and form, cats, crafting, fashion, art exhibitions, plants, tattoos and any type of body modifications and a good gloomy, rainy weather. In my spare time I usually collect books from the streets and exploring Amsterdam on my bike, read, take care of our houseplants and just listen to good music. I also enjoy baking and cooking and finding new vegan recipes where „normal” food and ingredients are being replaced with vegan ones and I am always curious if in the end the result does taste similar to it’s „normal” equivalent or is it totally different. (They are usually pretty similar, but if not they are still pretty tasty.)
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Contact informatie You can contact me at: email address: kinga.kotay@gmail.com, iMessage/Whatsapp: 0619666469 (preferred), or you can a message to me on Facebook as well!
Geplaatst zaterdag, 10 augustus 2019
Vervalt vrijdag, 08 november 2019
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Kinga Kotay
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